*Game Rules and Golden Rules on HLDM Gamers Global* v2.0

If there is anything you’re not sure about here please join our Social Networks such as Steam and Discord Groups and ask for clarification of these Rules. To understand theses rules is YOUR responsibility. By playing on any of our servers or using our Social Networks that you are agreeing to these rules.


Here are the links to our Social Network Groups (Please Click BOTH to Join)

Steam Players Chat Grouphttps://s.team/chat/FFdOXJY4 | DISCORD Servershttps://discord.gg/TEeZDsK

Players must play as fairly as possible so that all players can enjoy the game servers as it is Gamers Global’s vision.


In order for us to achieve this, player must abide by these rules otherwise if players fail to meet these rules then player will undergo our player disciplinary procedure and may result in not be allowed to play on our servers. Please bear in mind that we have some young players that play here and so any kind swearing is not allowed, even your players name must not contain any rude or swear words otherwise the admin on duty will change it


This is a ‘Family Friendly’ Server which means it’s for ALL ages and you must be ‘like’ a model citizen to play on it. We are flexible with ‘mistakes’ but if it keeps happening repeatedly than one of our Admins will talk to you either in-game or in the Social Network if you have joined. Otherwise you will not know why you are not ‘allowed’ to play so please join our groups above and is the best way for us to stay connected with you and keep you informed of anything. They also serves the purpose of keeping you informed of everything we do as well so it’s for your benefit.


  1. You MUST Play Fair – Golden Rule #1.
  2. You MUST Observe the ‘Family Friendly’ Format as explained above – Golden Rule #2.
  3. Bhop and WEAPON binds are okay
  4. scripting/hacking/wall hacking Binds to get an advantage point aka “Xbow zoom/fire/zoom bind” not allowed
  5. Any kind of weapon bind that give YOU advantage over other players is not necessarily cheating but may not be allowed as it breaks the ‘fair play rule’ golden rule #1.
  6. No rude or swear words to be used on your player name or nickname as Admin on duty will change it.
  7. Anything adult both Audio Voice or Text Chat will NOT be tolerated as we have minors and young players that do play here so please bear the in mind. This applies to all our Social Networks. As this Breaks our Golden Rule #2 you may be ‘Kicked/Slapped’ for that.
  8. Respect all admins and players alike. If mistake is made please explain calmly and clearly in our Social Network groups in order to resolve it. SHOUTING, Swearing and bad attitude will NOT solve anything.
  9. No spamming of any kind (both voice or chat) on any Gamers-Inc Servers or Social Network Groups.
  10. Racism rule up to discretion of administrators. No racist words allowed in steam names or clan tags. This breaks or Golden Rule #2.
  11. Do not have confusing names or names that can’t be pronounced, subject to admin discretion (includes invisible & foreign characters).
  12. No advertising other servers, clans or websites.
  13. No not evade or avoid punishment.
  14. No hacking/scripting. This includes hyperscrolling, aimbot, wallhacks etc.
  15. No ghosting.
  16. No exploiting.


The most important Rule of all is to Enjoy Yourself on our Game Servers and in doing so other will also enjoy playing against you. This is the core of Gamers Global’s Vision for Multiplayer Gaming.


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