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3/17 Gamers Global News
Hey guys!

Hope everyone is having fun in our servers! 
Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a New Surf server in the works for the half-life game, Also we are working on bringing back Asheron's Call, Now, you won't have your characters since the ransomware destroyed that VM, but it will be back up and operational soon.

We also now have a Patreon, go there and support us! let me know if you do subscribe and I will get you setup in discord for our subscribers and Incentives coming soon for our games!

You can also CashApp $GIstylez to support too!

For our Minecraft server, I'm going to post what nimbus wrote which is our main creator/admin for that server.

"A quick update about voting on the Minecraft server. The server is now equipped with a mod called votifier as well as a voting listener plugin. Votifier is hooked to all 10 of the different server sites that we are registered on and every vote that you make on those sites gives you a point in both the survival and skyblock servers, for a total of 10 points each (if you vote on every site). Voting points can be redeemed on each server in game for 1 diamond per 3 points, so with each round of voting you can get 3 diamonds per server and have a voting point leftover. If you plan on playing on the minecraft server, voting helps us out big time and you get rewarded for your time. It's a win-win!! If you have any questions, please let me know!"

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